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What is biohacking and how do I make it work for me?

Explaining Biohacking

What is biohacking?

Biohacking is a form of do-it-yourself biology. The main definition of biohacking or DIY biology includes a person trying to use a varied list of methods in order to manipulate their body and mind. It essentially means using non-traditional methods of medicine to enhance your physical or mental performance.

There are several things that could fall under the term ‘biohacking’, including intermittent fasting. Having been around for centuries, the act of intermittent fasting is meant to ‘trick’ the body to enhance overall health and performance, making it the poster child of biohacking.

However, times have moved far beyond simple fasting, with implanted technology, experiments involving introducing yeast into the bloodstream or even attempting to become more youthful by injecting a younger person’s blood directly into your veins. It involves anything that includes the process of controlling or changing the environment inside and outside of your body to take control over your biology.

The term is incredibly broad as modern innovation, technology and imagination have now propelled it beyond simple methods such as fasting. Ice baths, supplements and smart drugs, biological implants, tracking devices for biological functions and a whole host of other methods are considered a form of biohacking.

Unlike traditional medicine and major studies, biohacking is performed in labs or by individuals as a part of their everyday personal lives. Simply put, it’s the art and science of optimizing yourself.

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What is a biohacker?

A biohacker is any person involved in the process of biohacking. Biohackers often experiment on themselves and can be just about anyone. Some have their own PhDs in biology or other fields, and some are average people like you or me.

Biohackers can be described as an offshoot of transhumanists. Transhumanists are a group of people who believe that humanity can be made better through the use of technology. More specifically, by augmenting ourselves with the help of technology to evolve faster and better than we would naturally.

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Why should we care about biohacking?

When people see the term ‘biohacking’, they immediately think of dangerous experiments that can be harmful to our bodies – or of people performing seemingly crazy and unhealthy acts in a desperate bid to better themselves.

However, that’s not what biohacking is. Although the extremes of biohacking can include some questionable and potentially dangerous practices, it also includes a long list of low-risk actions that can make a hugely positive impact on your life.

Acts as simple as eating healthier, eating certain superfoods or taking certain supplements and changing your sleep patterns and rituals are common biohacks. We should all care about biohacking because of the good it can do for us in our lives.

It can make us happier, healthier and more productive. It can also teach us a lot about ourselves, our minds and our bodies. As biohacking is usually conducted by individuals or in private labs, it’s easy to try. It’s also easy to take note of what you learn and adapt simple methods of biohacking to your everyday life to improve your wellbeing.

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What is Bulletproof biohacking?

Bulletproof is a brand championed by the legendary biohacker Dave Asprey. Bulletproof biohacking is a collection of products and services created to help the general public to biohack their way to a better life.

The enterprise includes a coffee, diet, books, nutritional supplements, gyms and even biohacking labs.

Products have already been tested for you, so you can forego the trial-and-error stage and jump straight into biohacking success. Using carefully selected ingredients and state-of-the-art testing methods and facilities, Bulletproof is an all-in-one place for your biohacking needs, without any of the effort.

The most notable of the Bulletproof franchise is the Bulletproof biohacking labs. These labs include treatments designed to upgrade the mind and body and allow you to reach new heights of positive mental and physical wellbeing.

Equipment and treatments include neurofeedback, IV nutrient infusions, cryotherapy, cold high-intensity training and virtual float tanks.

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How to biohack your intelligence

Intelligence covers much more than just your IQ. It encompasses problem solving abilities, logical reasoning, emotional control, knowledge, memory, creativity and a whole lot more. Biohacking can help to enhance individual aspects of your intelligence as well as your intelligence as a whole.

Intelligence can be seen as mostly environmental. Life events, experiences and external factors can all pool together to affect several attributes of intelligence. Despite how this sounds, we do have more control over it than you may think.

Intelligence can fluctuate within one specific person due to changes in their biochemistry. It is affected by things like chemical consumption such as caffeine, lack of sleep, heightened emotional states and other factors. So, you can improve your intelligence with the help of several biohacking methods.

To biohack your intelligence you need to start with setting a goal. What do you want out of life? What are your hopes and dreams? Once you’re in tune with what you want, it’s time to begin the journey with improving your implied intelligence.

Applied intelligence is your energy, your willpower and your focus. These are the easiest things to biohack. Optimize your sleeping patterns and habits so that you get the right amount. Do intermittent fasting, remove distractions such as social media and get good-quality, deep down time. Try meditation to relax yourself and enter deep states of calm. A sign of good applied intelligence is the ability to have 5-8 hours of total focus, and that’s the goal of this stage.

Once you’ve done that, do it some more. Delve deep into your life to find and remove any distractions. Identify things that make you less productive and fix them.

Now work on your social intelligence, the part of you that can empathize with others and persuade. Spend time with people, really pay attention to the things they do, say and how they act. Meditate and consider hormone therapy to boost your abilities.

Boosting your classic and dynamic intelligence is easily done with proven supplements such as magnesium and choline. Stress reduction techniques such as meditation, interval training and ensuring high-quality sleep also help you to biohack your way to improved intelligence.

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How to biohack your body

Biohacking your body includes using methods that enhance physical or biological functions. Unlike intelligence hacking, it can induce a quantifiable biological or neurochemical response within us.

A common body biohack gaining traction at the minute is red light therapy. Our bodies need Vitamin D from the sun to be able to stay healthy, but there are other wavelengths of light that can be of enormous benefit. Red light is light in the 600-900 nanometer scale and is absorbed up to 10mm into our skin.

The absorption of these specific photons can reduce pain and inflammation as well as restore and improve function. It’s a great biohack because it’s natural. It does require special equipment, but red light exists naturally throughout the universe so it isn’t chemical or dangerous.

From your mid-30s onwards, you could be losing up to 2% of bone density each year. However, there’s a biohack for that. OsteoStrong is a biohack method specifically designed to increase bone strength without the help of any chemicals or pharmaceutics.

It comprises four separate devices, operated by specialist technicians, which apply force of over four times your body weight to your bones. Using this Robotic Musculoskeletal Development System (RDMS) takes just seven minutes a week and can drastically improve bone health and strength by providing extra support to the skeletal system.

Diet is one of the most common ways to biohack. It’s something so many people do, they don’t even realize it falls under the purview of biohacking. Intermittent fasting can boost metabolism and eating a range of healthy superfoods can have a whole host of benefits. You should also be paying attention to when you eat. Smaller meals more often are usually better than large meals three times a day, and eating in the evening or first thing in the morning may not be what’s best for your body.

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Getting Involved with Biohacking

Where can I visit a biohacking conference?

Biohacking conferences happen all over the world, and some visit more than one country. Touring or one-time-only conferences can give real insight into specific sectors of biohacking. They talk about the applications, implications and how it can all work.

Conferences on biohacking and all the things associated with it are as prevalent worldwide as biohacking itself. They often visit capital cities and states or countries with a high volume of interest in biohacking. California is a key state as it’s a big player in the world of biohacking.

The Metabolic Health Summit is a yearly event held is Los Angeles and centers around diets such as using the ketogenic diet to combat and prevent cancer. There are also conferences in Germany, London, France, Belgium, Texas, Finland, Portugal, Australia, Spain, New Zealand, Beverly Hills and Salt Lake City.

Some conferences include exhibitions and expos with stands, guest speakers and products you can buy. Others are simple conferences set in large halls with one keynote speaker and presentation.

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What are the best biohacking books?

If you’re looking to be healthier and want to take more control over your own biology, you should check out one of the many biohacking books available on the market.

With so many to choose from, it can be difficult to know which contain the best information and which aren’t very useful at all.

The best biohacking books are the ones written by biohackers themselves. As biohackers can be just about anyone, people with experience and success can write great books about what works for them.

Find safe, easy and maybe some more complex biohack tips and tricks with our selection of some of the best biohack books of 2019.

If you want a great general guide with plenty of information about a range of biohack topics, including how to biohack your body, mind and easy tips to stay healthy then The Biohackers Handbook is a brilliant start. It’s also the best choice if you’re just starting out and need general information on biohacking as a whole, rather than niche information about how to do specific things.

Beyond Training by Ben Greenfield is a great book about how to use biohacking to increase your performance. It’s the perfect choice for beginners or people in the sports sector who want to learn how to improve performance through biohacking.

Matthew Walker’s Why We Sleep book is all about the best way to optimize your sleep cycles. It explains exactly how sleep works and the things you can do to get better quality sleep. Sleep is the cornerstone to good physical and mental health, so biohacking sleep should always be at the top of your list.

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What are the best biohacking tools?

There are plenty of tools available to help with biohacking. Some of the best are direct current stimulation machines, neurofeedback, light therapy and brain training games.

Not all of the tools are complicated masterclasses in technological advancement: some are incredibly simple. Brain training is probably the most simple and the most beneficial for everyone. It works on anyone, can be done in just 10 minutes each day, is fun and helps to improve memory, attention and increase problem solving ability.

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Is there a biohacking Lab Near Me?

If you’d like to find a lab or meeting space where biohackers go to experiment and discuss findings, there are plenty of resources available.

With dozens of labs across the US and even more groups you can be a part of, you can use specialist websites to find labs near you.

The biggest of the biohacking labs, Bulletproof, is located in Santa Monica, and they’re frequently looking for people to try out new technologies and biohacking methods for them.

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